Premier soap opera

Traumatised as I have been about the end of the NZ season, I haven’t had the will to actually check out the cricket in the IPL. I have been following the tournament however, but from the backroom so to speak.

I’m not much of a fan of 20-20. Who is really. And the IPL is too much of a circus to take seriously. But then again, it is too much of a circus to ignore. It is a garish, expensive, unselfconscious spectacle, more about the hype and humanity than the cricket. And no team better exemplifies this than the Kolkata Knight Riders. They have the movie star owner, the bizzare name, the superstar lineup (including NZ’s most exciting 20-20 batsman), the gold and the high-octane music video promo. And more lately they have had their share of drama the larger-than-life coach (John Buchanan) firing the celebrity captain (Sourav Ganguly). KKR are my favourite IPL team if only because their glare makes it hard for me to notice the others.

So I am loving this new blog Fake IPL Player. Written ostensibly by an IPL player who is not good enough to make the playing 11. His team can be described thus: “My team has a superstar captain…err sorry… ex-captain. We have a megalomaniac as our owner. Our coach comes with loads of attitude and baggage.” Yes, he’s from the KKR!

It is a fantastic read. Dispatches from the back of the stands. Detailing the drama going on in the team meetings with a bunch of superstar egos and what goes on in the clubs amongst the groupies. It’s Melrose IPLace, or something. Written with real enthusiasm and wit and studded with wickedly irreverent nicknames that require a guide to decipher.

There’s enough inside detail in the blog to believe it is in fact written by an insider. If you want to believe it really is written by a player than the clues point towards a chap called Sanjib Sanya. Other theories include a member of the KKR non-playing staff, a journalist or just a smart, well-informed fan. The more outlandish theories include any of Ganguly, Buchanan and Shah Rukh Khan himself. KKR themselves thinks the blog is “Poison pen writing of the dirtiest variety”. And that the writer is “very sick” and “perverted”. Now that’s an endorsement!

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