Will they? Won’t they?

With the BCCI offering amnesty to players in the ICL, the one remaining obstacle to the rebel NZ players returning has been breached. With the Indian board allowing their players to return to the fold, they will also drop their objection to NZ players returning to sanctioned cricket if they leave the ICL.

It’s an interesting move by the BCCI. Some are taking it to be an effort to exploit the ICL’s apparent difficulties. I wonder though if it might be an attempt to head the new APL off at the pass.

It has been a while now since the possibility of the rebel players returning arose, with the ICL offering to release the NZ players from their contracts. We’ve heard nothing since then, and it is reported that none of them have as yet taken up the opportunity to jump ship.

Were they waiting for this amnesty before making their move? Tuffey has certainly expressed his interest in returning and with his excellent recent first-class season he’d have to be confident of getting back into the Black Caps. Bond of course would walk into any team. However, he’s choosing his words carefully. He seems to still have his mind on the ICL. His contract is still worth $800,000 – that’s a lot to walk away from. But surely he can expect at least that much in the IPL.

We’ve got to expect that by the end of next month that both Tuffey and Bond will have handed in their ICL contracts and started warming up for the Black Caps.

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  • adverbin Says:

    It a large number of Indian players respond to BCCI, it will practically spell the end of ICL and players like Bond will have to follow, $800,000 or not. BCCI has got the timing right, so I expect more than half the Indians to return to it’s fold.
    Remember that India have lost the most number of players to the ICL and are hence worst affected. The domestic teams of Hyderabad and Bengal will especially be strengthened. And someone like A.Rayudu, who was considered a prospective talent in the class of the Fab four will be in line to make it to the national team sooner than later.

  • Suhas Says:

    Apart from Tuffey and Bond, it would perhaps bring back Lou Vincent and Andre Adams back into the fray. I still feel they would both be invaluable additions to the one-day setup, and Vincent was always test material (handled badly) in my view.

  • Ben Says:

    It a large number of Indian players respond to BCCI

    Are the India players free to return to the BCCI setup though? While the BCCI will now take them back, many of them will still be contracted to the ICL, so they may be breaking contract if they resign during the amnesty.

    The New Zealand players have the advantage of being given leave to end their contracts.

  • Ben Says:

    Apart from Tuffey and Bond, it would perhaps bring back Lou Vincent and Andre Adams back into the fray.

    Neither Vincent or Adams are strong prospects for the Black Caps however. They are both talented, but possibly not more talented than the players who are filling their positions at the moment.

    It could well be that these guys are due to lose their ICL contracts anyway. It would be really good to have them back in the selection mix. Adams could fill Oram’s shoes when he’s out of the team injured and Vincent could lay claim to one of the opening spots.

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