Ryder’s drinking buddy

In the comments of my previous post, my identification of the player nicknamed Panty Curry by the fake IPL player, Jesse “Bevdaa” Ryder’s drinking buddy, was corrected. Apparently Panty Curry is a chap called Robin Uthappa, fellow Bangalore Royal Challenger and sometime Indian ODI ’keeper/opening-bat, and not Morne van Wyk, sometime Kolkata Knight Rider ’keeper/opening-bat. And as for that name, Suhas has an explanation:

Assuming ‘Panty Curry’ is Uthappa (who comes from the Coorg district of Karnataka – a region not known for producing cricketers), this is where the nickname originates from:


Brilliant. Impressive enough of IPL Anonymous to concoct these monikers, but outstanding work to those deciphering them.

Here’s a fake IPL player glossary (sadly with few explanations of the names):

Fake glossary of the Fake IPL Player

Featuring the intriguing comment about Panty Curry:

hey… dont get why mangal is shukla… As for Panty Curry, agree with it but one small problem… Latest blog says panty curry and bevdaa went or few drinks… Now, I am being honest, I know robin very well personally… He does not touch alcohol, I can vouch or that.. I have known him for bout 12 years now.. and as for chipli, he did not play U-19 with Kolhi… he was my senior.. He played U-18 when i played U-16 and I am 23 so.. so it is Goswami!! But Robins name foxes me after the latest blog!! Even if you wanna speculate that he had a few drinks, he certainly wont have capacity more than Jesse Ryder.. I have seen him get high of just sniffing alcohol!!lol…

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