Beat the unbeaten

There’s been a lot of talk about Australia having completed an “unbeaten summer”, sweeping Pakistan and the West Indies in tests, ODIs and 20-20s.

Well leaving aside any precise considerations of solstices and weather patterns, as far as I am concerned summer is not over until the last match in the 09/10 season – 31 March. So if Australia want to celebrate an unbeaten summer, they will have to win every game up until then. That is going to be 2 tests, 2 20-20s and 5 ODIs, all against New Zealand.

Well good luck, ’cause I reckon we’re going to win at least one of them.

3 Responses to “Beat the unbeaten”

  • Leg Break Says:


    You going along tonight?

  • Ben Says:

    You going along tonight?

    Probably not sadly. It has been a busy week and match start overlaps with the kids’ bedtime. By the time I have them asleep the first innings will be over. Hopefully I’ll get to the pub to catch the second innings.

    I’m gutted really. Been waiting for months for intnl cricket to come back to Wellington and I find I can’t go. I’ll do what I can to see as much of the 1st test as possible though.

  • Leg Break Says:

    Will see you at the Basin then. I’m going tonight, but it’s been a late decision.

    Will give the ODI a miss as I find that stadium isn’t really built to be in for 8 hours on end.

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