Where to get your TV replays

I’ve been taking rather perverse pleasure in the wake of the Paul Henry affair in following his excoriation on Twitter. Every hour or so, a tweet pops up with some delicious, witty put down.

But then yesterday Harsha Bhogle, crown-prince of Indian cricket commentating, tweeted

nztv host paul henry suspended for two weeks??i thought he should never be allowed on television again.come on kiwis,show your class

Reminding us that people are still being upset by Henry’s comments and TVNZ’s part in them.

Well firstly, I should suggest to Harsha that you aren’t likely to find much class on breakfast TV. Secondly, strictly speaking Paul Henry shouldn’t be forbidden from being on TV on the basis of his recent comments, or even his history of offensive comments. However, in my opinion TVNZ should not have him fronting their breakfast TV show. They should have cleaned up his act years ago, but now that he has revealed himself as a deep racist, he should be dumped from that spot, if not moved off TVNZ screens entirely.

However, despite being the national broadcaster, TVNZ run themselves, so are free to employ Henry in whatever capacity they like. All we can do is vote with our remotes/web browsers. I have been avoiding TVNZ for years in a silent protest against Paul Henry’s presence on the network. And when I have wanted to link to some television cricket news coverage on Crucket, I always link to TV3′s coverage.

So here is Crucket’s official endorsement for cricket news from a TV network:

3 Sport: Cricket

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