The c-word

Wow! W-h-h-how! New Zealand’s most important cricket world cup victory to date?

I couldn’t manage to stay up for the game myself (fell asleep on the couch at about 11.30), but I knew something big had happened when I found this comment waiting in my moderation queue:

Hi there you stupid fucking Sheep Shaggers.

SA vs NZ
I can tell you something thats messy.
Players coming up to a new batsman mouthing off at him , getting in his face after his fellow team mate has been run out.

Daniel Vettori you dont let your men do that and most of all dont do it yourself.
Cricket is supposed to be a gentlemans game not a game played by a country that would rather shag a sheep.


You know you’re winning when someone calls you a sheep shagger.

Here’s the incident that ForeverProteas is talking about:

“You’ve just run out the World Cup.” Great to see the Black Caps showing some mongrel.

Chirpy music to go with my mood:

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