Apr 21 2010

Final points table

Congratulations to Australia, who are easy winners of the Aus–NZ–Pak test tri-series. And congratulations to NZ, who take second place due to alphabetical ordering.

Team Played Won Lost Tied Points
Australia 2 2 0 0 6
New Zealand 2 0 1 1 1
Pakistan 2 0 1 1 1
3 pts for a win, 1 pt for a tied series

Apr 21 2010

Getting over it

Okay, it is now nearly a month since we mangled our slim chance in the second test after dismissing Aus for 231. I think I’m starting to get over it.

It was a nice opportunity, getting Aus out for less than 250. We haven’t had a first innings lead against Aus since 2005 (Christchurch, and that was only 1 run). And I can’t help but be disappointed. This is despite the fact that I should have expected the Aussies to fight back like rabid dingos. Also, Pakistan’s crash in their second test makes ours look fairly mild.

The truth is, there is such a gulf between Aus and NZ at the moment that it takes more of a miracle than a 231 for us to fluke a win.

So no improvement in the NZ team over the past year – in fact, a backwards step. 0-2 to Aus in 2010, 0-1 to India in 2009. Let’s see where we are in 12 months time.

Mar 23 2010

Not as bad as

A great day’s cricket for New Zealand yesterday. 182 runs for 1 wicket, and moving into credit.

Suddenly the hyperbole has shifted from New Zealand being a minnow to NZ about to humiliate Australia.

A more moderate and realistic assessment will see the game over, lost, by lunch. Not the best result, but I will be quite happy that we didn’t go down by an innings to a score of 459.

Mar 22 2010

Only in Wellington

From Cricinfo:

101.4 Hauritz to McCullum, no run, full ball hits the foot marks and turns sharply from outside the off stump, McCullum doesn’t offer a shot and the ball thuds into his front pad. Huge appeal but not given, the decision is referred and it looks like McCullum is safe as ‘virtual’ is not available because the cameras have been taken down due to the wind
Ponting is not happy with this result and is having a talk with the umpires about it, unsure what he is trying to achieve, maybe saying he would not have referred if he known no ‘virtual’ was not available? Or, are they discussing the future of referrals in this match?

Mar 15 2010

[Sportsfreak] Chappell–Hadlee reviewed

Sportsfreak reviews the Chappell–Hadlee:

Things we knew. Things we learnt.

Mar 14 2010

Hand, head – what’s the difference?

A couple of photos from this weekend’s trans-Tasman clashes:

Mar 14 2010


The only real thrashing of the 2010 Chappell-Hadlee goes to New Zealand. A 51-run victory. A 51-run thumping.

It was great to see the bowlers finally taking some wickets (first time we took the full 10 wickets we should note). They’ve been quite effective at keeping scoring in check, but haven’t been so threatening. Last night they were able to do both.

Add to this the ability of the batsmen to keep up a half decent scoring rate even while wickets are falling.

There are weaknesses in the team, but strengths also.

So Australia take the trophy home 2-3. Well, it was their turn. It was our turn last time, even if…well, enough dwelling on the misfortunes of the past.


Mar 12 2010


Here’s a diagram of the New Zealand innings in last night’s match:

A very nice start, a very nice end, and a big hole in the middle.

In any series that New Zealand does well in, the wins are hard fought, such as the 1st ODI, and some of the losses will be hard fought too, such as the 2nd ODI, but some of the other matches will be busts, such as ODIs 3 and 4. So here’s expecting that 3 and 4 were just a dip and that 5 in Wellington will be another hard fought match.

Mar 12 2010

Bloody hell!

So immediately after I write a post praising New Zealand’s perfomance in Chappell-Hadlee series, the Black Caps turn in a poor performance in the 3rd ODI, with the game being a foregone conclusion within the first 10 overs or so. I remember now why I’m bored of this format.

Thank goodness for Pup and Bingle causing a sensation and giving Australasian cricket something to talk about. And what a scandal. Nude photos, boofhead footballer, tell-all magazine exclusives, urgent flights across the Tasman, journalists getting the finger, careers under threat. As good as a close run chase.

Mar 9 2010

Curse you Duckworth and Lewis!

Pity about the result, but another cracker of a game between Australia and New Zealand on Saturday.

The Chappell–Hadlee is the best one-day trophy competition. No question.

The tally of series wins currently stands at 2 Aus wins, 1 NZ win and 2 ties (the second of which should have been an NZ win but for that pesky Queensland rain), with a total of 8 games apiece. It is a very closely fought trophy.

A look at the individual results shows just how close. Apart from a few exceptions (such as the whole of the 07/08 series), victory comes down to the last 20 or so runs or the last 10 or so balls. And the results summary just doesn’t do justice to the drama and record breaking feats that have gone into those victories.

Cricinfo’s statisticians have found out why the trophy is so good – New Zealand seriously lifts for Chappell–Hadlee matches. Compared with non-C–H matches against Australia since the beginning of 2004 (the year the C–H trophy kicked off), NZ batsmen’s averages have been about 7 runs higher. Whereas the Australian averages are down by about the same amount, largely accounted for by the improvement in the NZ bowlers’ averages.

There is something special about this trophy.

(The Cricinfo article also reveals a sorry fact, that apart from the 8 against 8 wins in the C–H, NZ has had no further wins against Aus since the start of 2004.)